About US


We provide support in a wide range of complex legal matters and proactive legal solutions services to our clients. There is a direct connection between law and creativity. Our team of attorneys work for individuals, employers, associations, municipalities, and large corporations. Success of every client is our primary goal. Our attorneys are Experienced, Knowledgeable, Responsive, Focused, Creative, and Driven.



Our team of more than 8 attorneys holds the essential qualities that one should consider before hiring a law firm. Flexibility and Professionalism makes our practice the best. Professional excellence and outstanding results require both hard work and creativity. We try to achieve every legal benefit for our clients while standing on the principles behind our guiding goal of respect, service, integrity, and solutions.


Cost-Effective Legal Services

We aim to deliver cost-effective and successful legal advices to each and every client. Whether the client is an individual, family-owned business or a large corporation, we understand their budget. Our attorneys are very diligent of the fact that clients need to effectively manage their expenses. For some matters, a flat rate or alternative billing arrangement will be more appropriate than the standard approach. We usually work with our clients to develop billing arrangements that make the most sense.


Practice Areas

SRIS LAW GROUP is a full service law firm with experienced attorneys in Family, Criminal, Traffic, Immigration & Military Law with so many Divorce Lawyers in Richmond and Virginia who have different educational backgrounds, genders, and experiences.

It is important to have a lawyer best suited for your type of divorce since each divorce is for different reason. So, it is important to find a lawyer who understands your situation and helps you sort matters out accordingly.

Our lawyers know the Divorce Law process in Virginia and the Divorce Procedure in Virginia to help you sort things quickly and efficiently, so that you have no trouble in your life.

Learn more about our areas of expertise by contacting us at 1800-455-1026.