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If you are asserting or defending against a domestic violence charge, obtaining professional and proven successful counsel is necessary. Domestic iolence cases are treated differently than other criminal cases and such family law hearings are in fact minitrials. You must take all necessary measures to be fully and effectively prepared. In a domestic violence situation, you need immediate and experienced help, especially if there are children in the home.


Domestic violence can include many types of abuse including spousal abuse and other types of family abuse or dating abuse. Domestic violence can also include emotional abuse as well as physical abuse. Getting out of an abusive relationship is not easy. Even if your partner has displayed violent, aggressive, controlling, demeaning or threatening behavior toward you or a member of your family, you may be afraid to leave the relationship and seek help.


Domestic iolence is a violent confrontation that occurs between family members or between people who live together or are in a dating relationship. Domestic violence cases are among the most emotional of all criminal cases and can be complicated with the parties involved often having very different interpretations of what happened. In addition, society can be a strict judge of such incidents, quick to assume guilt no matter what the evidence suggests. A domestic assault conviction carries additional consequences. First, individuals convicted of a domestic assault are prohibited by federal law from owning firearms. Clearly, individuals in law enforcement, security, or military will have serious issues if convicted of domestic assault.


Absolutely, you should contact a domestic violence lawyer. You may not be aware of the legal remedies at your disposal. An experienced lawyer in domestic violence cases can take the necessary legal action to stop the offender from hurting you or bothering you and your family. Your domestic violence attorney can protect your rights and potentially your life. He or she will explain the applicable laws and the legal procedures, so that you are comfortable with the legal process. They will almost always make an arrest even if the complaining party expresses a desire not to press charges. If you need an experienced attorney, contact of our law office . We have extensive experience handling domestic violence cases.

Domestic violence is a complex area of the law where the advice and counsel of an experienced Virginia family law and divorce attorney will be important to you and your family. Whatever the situation, there is never an excuse for domestic abuse or domestic violence . If you are dealing with matters in this sensitive area of the law, please contact the family law attorneys for experienced and compassionate legal guidance.

Domestic violence affects millions of individuals every year. Although each situation is unique, the core dynamics of abusive relationships tend to be very similar to each other. Domestic violence should not be ignored, as the problem will only get worse over time. Also, where children are involved, witnessing, or experiencing first-hand domestic violence can have severe, negative, life-long effects on them. Domestic violence is a difficult situation to navigate, especially when a divorce case is in the picture.


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