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If a custody order already exists in your case, in order to modify the terms you will need to show there has been a substantial change in circumstances situations since the entry of the last custody order. Changes can be made by agreement of the parties and we can assist in honing improving and drafting the terms. If you oppose the modification, we can assist you in analyzing and presenting your defense of a claim. If you seek a modification, we can help analyze whether you have a viable claim for modification, discuss your goals and what terms you may reasonably obtain, and gather and present evidence at a trial to support your claim.

Modification may be needed due to increased or decreased income, unexpected expenses related to a child or a change in one parent’s living situation, health or drug or alcohol abuse. Modifications can be quite simple when both parties are in agreement as to the need for a modification or they can require mediation or court intervention. In addition to child support modifications, the firm handles other post-divorce modifications of child custody and spousal support. Our law firm understands that the needs of modern families are often changing and that an agreement that made sense at the time it was signed may not be applicable today. If you are already divorced or have a child custody agreement that is no longer working for your family, please contact us to discuss your legal rights. Courts are usually reluctant to modify an existing agreement, so you will need an experienced lawyer to fight for a modification.

On these occasions, you may have sufficient legal grounds to seek and obtain a modification of your agreement or court orders. If you go against the modification, we can assist you in presenting and analyzing your defense of a claim. If the court has decided a family law issue for you and issued an order directing timesharing or payment of alimony or child support, that order will govern the future of the relationship between the parties. Under some conditions, you can have the order updated to reflect the changes that have occurred.

A parent’s geographical location is important to any child custody decision. If one parent moves to another city or state, he or she may need to secure a modification of the custody agreement. The final divorce declaration and final child support and child custody orders do not mean that you and your exspouse will never again have to communicate. If you have children, the likely reality is that you will continue to communicate long into the future regarding your children’s needs.

Receiving permission from the court to relocate a child outside of Virginia can be difficult to achieve. Virginia law does not have hard and fast rules regarding whether or not they will allow a child to be relocated. Instead they look at whether a move is in the best interest of the child.


There may be a loss of income, change in jobs, or relocation to another city or even to another state. Relocations are a particular challenge, as the court weighs the needs of one party to relocate versus the lasting impact of that relocation on the parenting time of the parent who does not relocate. As your amily aw odification ttorney, we will listen to your story, inform you of your legal rights, and aggressively represent your rights with every legal resource available by law.


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